Practice Areas

Providing legal services to clients (individuals – companies – institutions – investors) regarding their legal rights and obligations through a qualified legal team.

Civil Law

One of the branches of the private law that regulates the relationships that arise between persons who do not work as sovereign. It is the law that regulates financial legal ties, except for matters related to trade, and personal relations of individuals to each other.

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Commercial Law

A set of legal rules that govern the practice of business and merchants and defines the applicable legal regime. It is considered one of the branches of private law, specifically business law.

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Criminal Law

It organizes how to punish anyone who violates a legal rule, imposes a legally prescribed punishment on him, and specifies permissible and forbidden deeds, and each criminal offense is required. Also known as the Penal Code, it is the set of laws that the state establishes against behaviour that is forbidden, so that it threatens the security and safety of the public, its interest and puts it at risk, and penalties for it are imposed on violators of these laws.

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Insurance Law

It is the practice of law in matters related to insurance, including insurance policies and claims for compensation. It can be divided into: – Regulating insurance business – Regulating the content of insurance policies, especially those related to consumer policies – Regulating claims processing.

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Labor Law

A set of rules governing emerging relationships on the occasion that a person is working for another. It is one of the branches of private law concerned with regulating the relationships of individuals with each other.

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Maritime Law

It deals with topics such as sea freight transport, rescue, collision, marine insurance and the like, in maritime legal disputes. Usually at least one party to one of the liabilities is a private person such as an individual or a company.

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Companies Law - Incorporation of Companies

A law pertaining to companies, and the rules that establish them and regulate their responsibilities, rights and duties. It organizes how companies, investors, shareholders, managers, employees, creditors, and other stakeholders interact with each other.

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Personal Status Law - Family - Inheritance

One of the areas of the law concerned with issues related to the family and family relations.

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